Ukraine: Five Best Places To Visit In This Beautiful Eastern European Country

Five Best Places To Visit In This Beautiful Eastern European Country

This unique country of Eastern Europe, which is well known for its incredibly beautiful women, deserves to be known for its beautiful landscapes, cultural and historical heritage. By browsing our list of places to visit in Ukraine, you can double your horizons about this unique country and include it in your travel plan.

Artistic richness, cultural diversity and intellectuality seem to have visited all the cities of Ukraine. 

There is also the mystery of this country, the Dniester Canyon, where you can come across rare plant and animal species, the sprawling Optymistychna Cave, whose formation was completed 14 million years ago, and the Uritskie Cliff, located in a village near Lviv.  Let’s find out more.

Here Are The Five Best Places To Visit in Ukraine

Although the three most well-known cities are Kiev, Odessa and Lviv, Ukraine is a country full of history that encompasses many more beautiful cities.

Although Ukraine suffered heavy damage in World War II, it recovered in a short time, while taking you to the dusty shelves of history with the traces of the war; with its unbreakable texture, it keeps its culture alive. 


Kiev, a city where cutting trees is prohibited; With its lush nature, parks and interesting architecture, Kiev is one of the main places to visit in Ukraine.

You can visit the Freedom Square, which is the meeting point of all events and festivals, as well as locals and tourists, to the historical St. Sofia Cathedral, which stands out with its frescoes and mosaics in its interior architecture, from the Golden Gate, which was built as the entrance to the city, to the Kiev Museum. It hosts many places to see.

However, there is no doubt that the most important building in Kiev is the World War II Museum; As the name suggests, this museum, which reveals all the memories and objects related to the war, makes people travel in history.

You can examine all the artifacts and collections of that period, from personal belongings of soldiers to war tanks, from medals to historical documents.

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Lviv is perhaps the best consolation prize that Ukraine received after World War II. It draws attention to the fact that it is a land of many sovereigns from the past to the present, from the Russians to the Galicians, from the Austrian people to the Poles.

Although Lviv has been dominated by other civilizations over time, today it stands out as a Ukrainian city on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The city is known as the cultural capital of Ukraine; The museums in Rynok Square, the most famous square of the city, the Brewery Museum and the Opera House designed by architect Zygmunt Gorogolevski prove this.

Potocki Palace, the 13th-century architecture Dormition Cathedral located in the Old City, the Lychakiv Cemetery, which even hosts the most valuable artists and thinkers of the country, and the Lviv Armenian Cathedral are among the destinations worth seeing in the city.

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Known as the “Pearl Of The Black Sea”, Odessa has stood out throughout history due to its geographical location and hosted different cultures, and stands out today as a port city that exhibits cultural diversity.

While this city was under Ottoman rule, this city, which was named Haji Bey, took the name Odessa when it came under Russian rule; It is still home to Turks today.

The lively Deribasovskaya Street, which is full of people, the State Opera House in the city center, the Pushkin Museum, the Potemkin Stairs, which is known as the symbol of the city, and the Duke de Richelieu Monument, which awaits its visitors at the end of these stairs, are among the details that make this lovely city of Ukraine, which is the subject of books, attractive.

In addition to all these, it wasn’t made before the war, but during the Second World War. The Catacomb underground cities, which were used as arsenal and hiding places in World War II, also make Odessa an attractive tourism center with their location below sea level and embracing a deep-rooted history.


Kharkiv, which draws attention with its development in terms of scientific institutes, museums, universities, libraries and theater buildings it hosts, is a student city and was damaged during the Second World War. The fact that it was able to recover quickly despite World War II is among the details that make this city special.

Freedom Square is also located in this city. This Freedom Square, which is the eighth largest in Europe and the fifteenth in the world, is the address to meet for important days, festivals, concerts and celebrations of the city.

In Kharkiv, where there are six museums, the Art Museum, Kharkiv History Museum and the Cosmos Museum, which is a ufology center, are the most important museums you should visit; Shevchenko Park, which includes the Annunciation Cathedral, one of the examples of Byzantine architecture, the Uspensky Cathedral, which fascinates people with its neo-classical texture, the Pokrovsky Monastery and the Kharkiv Zoo, are just a few of points of interest that will impress you.


Located on the Styr River as the center of Volyn Oblast, the city of Lutsk both reflects the traditional structure of Ukraine and conveys the modern texture of Europe.

Lutsk, which remains in the background of the popular cities that lead the list of places to visit in Ukraine, is waiting to be discovered by travelers with its unique ambiance, historical texture and aspects that have remained untouched.

Lubart’s Castle, one of the most important destinations of the city, embraces a painful history dating back to 1941 behind its magnificent appearance and also hosts a Book Museum that you can visit while you are at the castle.

The city also feeds people with its religious buildings such as the Holy Trinity Cathedral, an Orthodox place of worship built in baroque style, St Peter and Paul Cathedral from the 17th century, and the Lutheran Church, which stands out with its neo-gothic architectural style.

In addition, the Sculpture House is reminiscent of crochet with both its interior and exterior architecture, the Lutsk Art Museum appealing to art lovers with its many works and collections, the Volin Ethnography Museum, one of the most rooted museums in the region, and the Bell Museum, which offers a visual feast about the evolution of the bell, are among the city’s remarkable attractions. welcomes its visitors as cultural stops.

So those were the five best places to visit in Ukraine for you. Obviously, there are many more beautiful places to visit in Ukraine, but you can start with these. Happy journey!

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