Things To Do In Morocco: Have A Blast In The Crown Of North Africa

Things To Do In Morocco

Morocco was a French colony that happens to be very close to the Andalusian peninsula. Because of its proximity to Europe, the influence of European cities is very evident. Morocco is a gorgeous North African country that is filled with gorgeous cities with its Kasbahs where the Arab population lives, historical and colorful Medinas and unique markets in terms of places to visit. On top of all that, Morocco also has the magnificent Atlas Mountains in the south, and the Sahara Desert towns as well. A trip to Morocco is a whirlwind of fun and something you shouldn’t miss out on. If you are planning a visit to magnificent Morocco, this post has got you covered. Let’s get started.

Moroccan Magnificence: Best Things To See And Do

Although the majority of the population is Muslim, Moroccan cities offer their visitors both authentic and modern elements in terms of entertainment and social life, due to being a Mediterranean country. Especially the period between November and March is the ideal time to see the riches of the cities. It’s not a highly orthodox Muslim country and women enjoy a lot of personal freedom there.

Key Attractions of Morocco


Declared the capital city after independence, Rabat is one of the most important touristic regions of Morocco with its monuments inherited from various civilizations, historical buildings hosting cultural events and colonial architecture. Archaeological Museum, St. Paul’s Cave, Science and Nature Museum, as well as when you visit the city’s settlements such as Chellah and Kasbah, you can learn detailed information about its history. For shopping, Rue des Consuls has many options. If you are in search of entertainment, the Arab Quarter (Kasbah), Mohammed V Street and we recommend you to visit the places on PI des Alaouites.


Casablanca, which means “White House” in Spanish, got its name from its architecture before the 20th century and gained its modern look thanks to the projects carried out by the French during the colonial period. In the city, which is very close to the Andalusian peninsula, you can clearly see the effects of these works in Mohammed V Square and Twin Center. After these areas with shopping and luxury eating and drinking opportunities, you can spend pleasant hours on the beaches opening to the ocean, in cafes and restaurants where local people show great interest. Also in this area, you can see the mighty Hassan II Mosque and the Casablanca Cathedral near Mohammed V Square. You can add it to your travel list to have information about the ethnic structure of the city. Central Market is famous for its fresh seafood and fish cooks.

The High Atlas Mountains

The High Atlas Mountains, one of the most impressive regions of Morocco, are located on the route to the Sahara Desert. You can visit Toubkal National Park, which is home to the highest peak in the mountain range, which is preferred by travelers coming to the country for winter sports and outdoor activities. You can enjoy the magnificent scenery in the Berber villages of Asni and Imlil, which are built on the slopes and stand out with their red houses. Especially in Asni, there are places where you can stay and taste local dishes.


Marrakech, which means ” Land of God ” in the Berber language and is known as the ” Red City ” by the local people because of the color of its buildings, is the first city that comes to mind when it comes to places to visit in Morocco. In the city, which hosts the most magnificent examples of Moroccan Islamic architecture since it was the first capital of the country, the places that attract the most touristic interest are gathered in the Medina (Old City) region. In this region, you can determine a sightseeing route by taking Jemaa el-Fna Square, where the colorful nightlife is experienced, to the center. After visiting the Kutubiyya Mosque adjacent to the square, you can visit the Carpet Market, Terlik Bazaar, and Mellah. You can shop in the world-famous markets of Marrakech, especially the Spice Market. After learning about the history of the city and the country at the Bahia Palace, the Tombs of the Companions, and the Marrakech Museum, you can cool off in the authentic environment of the Majorelle Gardens or the Menara Gardens.


The city of Fez had a very rich culture due to its commercial and cultural interactions with Medina in the past. Known as the “Living Medieval Islamic City” thanks to its historical buildings that have been successfully preserved until today, Fes el Bali is a must-see with its authentic markets, historical monuments, and streets that will attract the attention of those who like to take photos. Moroccan tanneries from the Middle Ages operate in this region, which is quite primitive compared to Ville Nouvelle, which is famous for its stylish streets and modern cafes. Medersa Bou Inania, where Islamic education was given in the past, and Medersa El-Attarine are places that may interest you with their unique architecture and landscapes.


Agadir, which has a modern structure unlike the other cities of Morocco with the effect of being a big port city, finds itself in the list of places to visit in Morocco due to its sunny weather, long beaches, and a stylish marina, which lasts an average of 300 days a year. Although it lost most of its old buildings in the earthquake in 1960, Arap Mahallesi Kasbah is the most suitable place to learn about the history of the city and the life of the local people. In the Memoire d’Agadir Museum in the southwest of Jardin de Olhao, a park rich in vegetation, you can examine the photographs taken in the city since the first quarter of the 20th century.

Essaouira (Suwayrah)

Essaouira (Suwayrah), formerly known as Mogador, is a military fishing town. Most of the historical buildings in the city, where hippies showed great interest for a while, are located within the walls built for protection purposes. You can spend time in the Medina (Old City) area to see the most important historical buildings of the city, apart from the beaches where extraordinary views occur during the tide. After shopping in Souk Jdid in the region, you can visit the old Jewish Quarter, the church, and the mosque. Galerie Damgaard in the same region presents the works of the most famous artists of the region to art lovers.

Chefchaouen (Chefchaouen)

Famous for its blue-washed buildings and streets built by Jews, Chefchaouen (Chaffawan) is known as one of the most popular holiday destinations in Morocco, despite its lackluster nightlife. The Medina District, which is a priority for travelers to see in the city, which has a unique architectural uniqueness, is ideal for observing urban life and taking photographs. After visiting the Plaza Uta-Hammam El square and Ras El Maa in this area, you can go to the Kasbah and end your trip with the Grandee Mosque.


Due to its strategic location, Tangier, which was dominated by various civilizations in the past, looks like a true North African city with its authentic and chaotic streets. If you go to the coastal part of the city, which is an indispensable part of the list of places to visit in Morocco, both for those looking for entertainment and for those who are interested in Islamic architecture and culture, you can spend pleasant hours in beautiful restaurants and clubs. Make sure to set aside time for the Kasbah and the Medina to see the historical sites, apart from Tangier Beach, where swimming is dangerous. The Musee de Carmen-Macein and the Kasbah Museum, which have a valuable collection, are the main places in these regions that I would suggest you add to your travel list.


Merzouga, where adventure-seeking travelers flock to have an experience they will never forget, is on the edge of the Sahara Desert. It is located near the Algerian border. A part of the village, which you can reach with tours from the big cities or stay in the facilities around, is covered with palm trees thanks to the large water reserves under it. You can see houses built with desert architecture in the old part of the village, which offers unique views to its guests during sunrise and sunset. In the settlement, where you can tour the surroundings with camel tours, you can dine in Berber tents in the evenings and have fun with African music. If you come here from Marrakech, make sure to stop by Ait ben Haddou.

Ouarzazate (Warzazat)

Ouarzazate (Warzazat), is another great place that we would recommend you to see in the list of places to visit in Morocco. It is known as the ” Door of the Desert ” because it is at the beginning of the Sahara Desert. You can put CLA Studios, where a lot of movies are shot, at the top of your travel list for the city, which is the center of the Moroccan film industry. You can find information about the history of this industry at the Musee du Cinema. You can walk in the narrow streets of Arab quarters, especially Ait Banhaddou, to see the historical texture in the residential area, where you can tour around with camels or motorcycles.


If you go to Meknes, one of the royal cities of Morocco and nicknamed ” Green City “, via Rabat road, you can see the oak orchards where wine corks are produced. After entering the city, you can visit the Molla Ismail Mausoleum, which draws attention with its calm and peaceful structure. After visiting the mausoleum, you can first walk to Bab el-Mansur, the largest of the 27 gates in Meknes, and then to al-Hedim Square, located in the heart of the Old City. Before leaving the city, do not forget to see Molla Idris Town, which is 25 kilometers away and considered sacred by the Moroccans, and the ancient Roman city Volubilis nearby.

Throughout this post, we talked about the best places to visit in Morocco. It is truly one of the most beautiful and unique countries in the world and everyone should visit it at least once in their lifetime. If you are planning a trip to Morocco, this post should come in handy for you.

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