The Ultimate Spain Travel Guide: Things to Try, See, and Experience


Spain has surpassed the United States as the world’s second most famous excursion spot, bested simply by France. Also, who could want anything more? Up north, the rough coastline is adorned with enchanting fishing towns tucked between rich mountain valleys. The islands have twisted olive forests and grape plantations with whitewashed towns. While due south, Spain’s Moorish past springs up in charming castles and perfumy blossom gardens. Then, at a point, there are dignified Madrid, with its wide avenues and a bunch of exhibition halls, and Barcelona, a Gaudí fever dream on the Mediterranean Sea—also Spain’s Caribbean-Esque Canaries and the paradisiacal Balearic Islands. 

With several things to see, arranging a vacation there can be overwhelming, which is why we have gathered together the non-negotiable experiences that best address Spain’s energetic societies and areas. 

1. Appreciate Barcelona

Like Madrid, Barcelona is well known for its celebrating, late-evening dining, and memorable roads. You will discover a ton of history here, figure out how to sleep until 10 pm, and have supper at midnight as local people do. Recommendations say to visit the various historical centres here. It is the most outstanding in Europe. 

2. Investigate the historical backdrop of Granada

This antiquated Moorish city is one of the top picks in Spain. People love meandering the old roads in the middle and unwinding in the old castle, the Alhambra. No outing to southern Spain is complete without a visit here. 

3. Discover Madrid

The capital city is known for its galleries, tapas, and extraordinary nightlife. It is a city that doesn’t start its day until late. Ensure you see the Prado, probably the largest gallery on the planet, and the Royal Palace. You will also need to invest some energy walking around the fundamental square, Plaza Mayor. 

4. Revel in La Tomatina

Held the last Wednesday in August in Buñol, many individuals slide on this modest community in the first part of the day to toss tomatoes at one another. It is the most chaotic, most fun experience ever. Tickets for the celebration cost 10 EUR. 

5. Unravel the islands

Whether you go to Ibiza to a party or to the Canaries to relax, Spain has probably the most beautiful islands in the entirety of Europe. Therefore, during the long stretches of July and August, they are jampacked and costly so try to stay away from the prime season. If you love seashores, surfing, climbing, or cycling, make sure to hit up the islands (particularly Gran Canaria). 

Different Things to See and Do in Spain 

1. Join the Running of the Bulls 

The Running of the Bulls draws in both the courageous and the inept. While most never do the running, the multi-day festivity is a decent spot to drink sangria. You can also eat great food, wear a red scarf, and praise how no one but Spain can have these antiquities. 

2. Parlor on the Costa Del Sol 

Come hang out on the seashore and partake in the laid-back life for which Spain is known. The sun coast in southern Spain is well known for its excellent seashores, extraordinary nightlife (and loads of vacationers). Malaga is perhaps the greatest spot on the coast of Spain. However, there are better places further down. 

3. Walk the Camino 

El Camino de Santiago, or The Way of Saint James, is a well-known journey course extending from the boundary of France right to Santiago de Compostela in North-Western Spain. Extending 800km, it is a drawn-out walk that takes a ton of devotion. In any case, it’s an incredible way to see the nation and a portion of the less-visited spaces of Spain. 

4. Walkthrough Seville

Seville is a great city with incredible holy places, royal residences, and noteworthy locales. They likewise have great shopping here. Travelers truly like the Jewish Quarters there and the landmark committed to the various districts of Spain. It is additionally a major understudy town. 

5. Visit Gibraltar 

Lining Spain on the Iberian landmass, Gibraltar is a neighboring area of the United Kingdom. Here you will experience an intriguing blend of societies, with impacts from Britain, Spain, and North Africa all-inclusive. 

6. Climb in the Sierra Nevada 

This mountain region is an extraordinary spot for summer climbing, winter skiing, and meeting and exploring modest communities. This region is one of the prettiest in Spain and one of the better regions for outdoor exercises in Spain. 

7. Visit San Sebastián 

The focal point of the Basque space of Spain, this spot has exceptional nightlife and a seashore. Besides, the design makes one of the most remarkable urban areas in the whole of Spain. 

8. Climb the Pyrenees 

The magnificent mountain chain that divides itself from France is bound with archaic towns, high mountain strolling trails, and incredible skiing. It’s additionally the customary beginning of The Camino. 

9. Incredible Cathedral and Mosque 

The Mezquita de Cordoba is the perfect illustration of the Muslim influence in Spain. Its monster curves, jasper segments, marble floors, luxuriously overlaid supplication specialties, and the domed hallowed place of Byzantine mosaics return you to when Córdoba was under Muslim rule. 

10. Loosen up in Salamanca 

It is a college city, and it is not a very large city, so you can anticipate a blend of a community environment, extraordinary nightlife, and numerous hikers. 

11. Visit the Guggenheim Museum 

One of the most known historical centers on the planet, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao consistently makes them interesting displays on current craftsmanship. Regardless of whether you are not an advanced craftsmanship fan or not, one should stop by to look at it. The design of this exhibition hall is something to wonder about because it is so magnificent. Candid Gehry, one of the well-known living modelers of today, planned to have a unique undulating style here. 

12. Investigate Basque Country 

Basque Country is an independent area in Spain, a spot with its own extraordinary culture and legacy. Situated in the northeast corner of Spain, you will notice the distinction when you enter the area. In case you are off in unexpected areas, make sure to visit Basque Country. 


The places are known for their leisurely day-to-day existence in Spain and move gradually with time. Everyone here is simply getting a charge out of life. Which are the reasons voyaging and hiking Spain is such a lot of fun. 

Spain is a lovely, intriguing, and dynamic country with a ton of local uniqueness and assortments. Madrid and Barcelona are hip and enthusiastic urban areas, Granada has a Moorish touch, Basque Country up north differentiates itself to Southern living. 

The Spaniards love guests, facilitating outsiders, drinking great wine, snickering at a decent feast, and getting the most out of life. Individuals aren’t in a hurry here. Also, to sweeten the deal even further, Spain is modest. It’s an exceptionally reasonable nation to visit. 

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