Planning to Study Abroad? These Are the Top 10 Countries for Indian Citizens

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Being an Indian student who dreams of studying abroad can get difficult with every step. The burden of choosing the right university and the right place best suited for your career is always a task. Especially in today’s cutthroat world where every nation is better than the other in terms of instruction, employment and future credibility. 

To make your responsibility less stressful we bring to you the top 10 countries in the world for education abroad.

1. The United States of America (USA) 

The United States of America has been the top career destination for the Indian understudies paying attention to choices for abroad education. Also known as the place where there are openings, the USA certainly must be at the number 1 situation of the best nations to work and read for Indian understudies. Studying in the USA has much more beyond instructing global understudies. Even though the expense of contemplating in the USA is high, numerous understudies take up credits or apply for grants to get the advantages of seeking after schooling from the highest country. With more than 4000 public and private colleges and various junior colleges, the USA is home to approx. 1.3 lakh Indian understudies. 

Top 10 Universities in the USA 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Stanford University 

Harvard University 

California Institute of Technology 

The University of Chicago 

Princeton University 

Cornell University 

Yale University 

Columbia University 

College of Pennsylvania 

Famous Employment Sectors 

IT Services 

Retail Trade 

Expert and business administrations 

Medical services and social help 

Instructive Services 

Recreation and Hospitality 

2. United Kingdom (UK) 

Examining in the UK offers an assortment of encounters. The social and conventional upsides of the UK draw in a few global understudies each year. Home to the absolute most seasoned and incredibly famous examination colleges, the UK introduces itself as a worthwhile choice while considering nations to seek after instruction abroad. 

Top 10 Universities in the UK 

College of Oxford 

College of Cambridge 

College of London 

Supreme College London 

The University of Edinburgh 

The University of Manchester 

Lords College London 

College of Warwick 

London School of Economics and Political Science 

College of Bristol 

Work Areas  

Bookkeeping, banking, and money 

Business, counselling, and the board 

Innovative expressions and plan 

Designing and assembling 

Medical care 

Data innovation 

Relaxation, game and the travel industry 

3. Canada

Throughout the years, it was known for its diversity making it one of the most pursued nations. Living in a nation like Canada while considering it can open ways to loads of chances. You can investigate different spots, meet new individuals and experience the way of life of Canada. Canada also presents the opportunity of working while you concentrate, which is a factor for some understudies when they consider seeking after their schooling from this country. It makes it an ideal nation while thinking about the best country to study and work for Indian understudies. 

Top 10 Universities in Canada 

College of Toronto 

McGill University 

The University of British Columbia 

College of Alberta 

College of Montreal 

McMaster University 

College of Waterloo 

Western University 

College of Calgary 

Sovereigns University 

Business Areas 

IT counselling 

Medical care 

The board 

Designing and assembling 

Instructive Services 

Need to Pursue Master Courses in Canada?  

4. Australia 

 Studying in Australia is known as the best objective to read and work for Indian understudies. The public authority of the nation has outlined the Australian Education System according to the global guidelines of lessons. A portion of the colleges in the country has gotten a position in QS rankings of 100 well-known colleges. With approx. to 12 thousand instructive and professional focuses, it is arising as a most loved review and work objective for Indian understudies. 

Top 10 Universities in Australia 

Australian National University 

The University of Melbourne 

The University of Sydney 

College of New South Wales 

The University of Queensland 

Monash University 

The University of Western Australia 

The University of Adelaide 

College of Technology, Sydney 

College of Newcastle 

Business Areas 

Medical care Industry 

Logical and specialized administrations 

Development Industry 

Schooling and Training 

Money and Banking 

5. New Zealand 

New Zealand is one more famous decision for Indian understudies to study and work. The minimal expense of choosing New Zealand and its openness to worldwide guidelines of training makes the country a fit review objective. As per a main every day, New Zealand’s concentrate on abroad understudies’ rates has increased 400% lately. It is home to the absolute best colleges across the globe. 

Understudies favour seeking after Science Management and Engineering programs in this country. Colleges offer undergrad, postgraduate, recognition, and authentication courses to global understudies. Simple position and work grants to pass out to understudies are some of the most mind-blowing motivations to consider in New Zealand. 

Top 10 Universities in New Zealand 

The University of Auckland 

College of Otago 

Victoria University of Wellington 

College of Canterbury 

College of Waikato 

Massey University 

Lincoln University 

Auckland University of Technology 

Eastern Institute of Technology 

Southern Institute of Technology 

Business Areas 



Wellbeing and Social Services 

ICT and Electronics 

Exchanges and Transport 

Apparatus and Equipment Manufacturing 

6. Germany 

Germany is known for a portion of the universe’s best schools and colleges. It is quickly filling as far as its foundation, schooling, and economy. One significant justification for why Germany is rising as the best nation to read and work for Indian understudies is that the vast majority of its colleges are public-financed and thus offer instruction for nothing or at ostensible expenses. There are a few colleges in Germany that permit their understudies to work while examining. 

Top Universities in Germany 

Specialized University of Munich 

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich 

Heidelberg University 

Humboldt University of Berlin 

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology 

Free University of Berlin 

RWTH Aachen University 

Specialized University of Berlin 

College of Tbingen 

College of Freiburg 

Work Areas 

Wellbeing Sector 

Mechanical and Automotive Sector 

Electrical and Electronics Industry 

Building and Construction Sector 

Data Technology and Telecommunications 

7. China 

China is arising as a superpower with its economy expanding dramatically. China is continually developing as a top report abroad objective for different courses. It is giving the best quality instruction to understudies coming from a few nations across the world at reasonable expenses. 

Top Universities in China 

Tsinghua University 

Peking University 

Fudan University 

College of Science and Technology of China 

Zhejiang University 

Shanghai Jiao Tong University 

Nanjing University 

Sun Yat-sen University 

Wuhan University 

Harbin Institute of Technology 

Business Sectors 

Business Franchises 

Purchaser Goods and Services. 

Modern Machinery, Gas and Chemicals. 

Life Sciences 

Retail Market 

Expert Engineering 


8. United Arab Emirates (UAE) 

The United Arab Emirates is one of the favored objections for understudies to seek quality education in various projects. The UAE is continually changing as far as its foundation and innovation. UAE includes a few public and private schools which are supported worldwide. There are a few schools and colleges in the UAE offering quality training. The projects are planned to give understudies openness to venture, so they are exceptional with the reasonable information to handle ordinary difficulties. 

Top Universities in the UAE 

United Arab Emirates University 

Khalifa University 

Zayed University 

Abu Dhabi University 

College of Sharjah 

Inlet Medical University 

Business Sectors in UAE 

Discount and retail exchange 

Fix administrations 


Business administrations 



9. Singapore 

Prominently known as the monetary focus of Southeast Asia, Singapore is one of the main objections to reading and working for Indian understudies. Actually, like the economy of the country, training is additionally taking a long way as far as the quality just as the chances after fruition of a program. The choicest courses of concentrate abroad understudies incorporate administration and other expert courses. Banking and Finance are other well-known picks of the outbound understudies. 

Top Universities in Singapore 

INSEAD Singapore 

James Cook University Singapore 

Singapore University of Technology and Design 

Singapore Institute of Technology 

Singapore University 

Public University of Singapore 

Business Sectors in Singapore 

Assembling Services 

Coordination and transportation 

Biomedical Sciences 

Electronic Industry 

Medical care 

10. Ireland 

Ireland is home to more than 30 thousand worldwide understudies, out of which the larger part are Indians. The nation has acquired prominence for the most part because of colleges in Dublin and the inviting idea of individuals in the country. The schooling framework in Ireland and fine schools are the purposes behind the increment in the number of worldwide understudies learning at Irish colleges. Designing, Management, and other STEM-related courses are popular among the Indian concentrate abroad understudies. 

Top Universities in Ireland 

Public University of Ireland Galway 

College Dublin 

Trinity College Dublin 

College of Limerick 

Maynooth University 

Dublin City University 

Well known Employment Sectors 

Business and money 



Medical services 


Transport and Logistics

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