Is Malta Safe for Tourists? Risks to Consider While Visiting Malta

Is Malta Safe for Tourists

Due to the tensions and violence in North Africa and the Middle East, Malta’s geographic location seems to be very close to all of the upheaval in the region. However, the danger of terror strikes in Malta is quite low, and no big warnings have indeed been made around. Although Malta is safe to travel like any other country in Europe, petty thefts such as shoplifting, pickpocketing and snatching can occur especially during nights, at beaches and public transportations. Recent stats reveal that in comparison to other EU member states and tourist attractions, lawbreaking rates in Malta have generally been low. Crime reports, on the other hand, have risen in recent years. With increasing population growth and rising tourist numbers, the upward trend is set to continue in the future years.

Is Malta safe? High and low risks to consider while travelling

Overall Risks in Malta: Medium

Overall, Malta is a safer place to visit, yet there are a few things that may go wrong based on your destiny. As a result, muggers and robbers are still active, and they may carry out their crimes on occasion. It’s possible since you’re unfamiliar with the country’s dynamics, making you more exposed to an assault.

Pickpocketing Risks in Malta: Low

The first question you may have while considering Malta is “is Malta safe for visitors in terms of theft?” Pickpocketing and burglary are crimes that may occur everywhere in the globe, regardless of security standards, and are not limited to Malta. In general, crime against tourists is uncommon, but you must never count it out. Handbag grabbing and snatching are still possibilities, so just though crime isn’t as common doesn’t mean it simply won’t happen. It’s possible that your valuables, such as cash, visas, and other documents, may be taken. There have also been instances of pickpocketing on buses in the past.

Scam Risk in Malta: Medium

Scammers exist in Malta, and they aren’t only hiding in the woods ready to prey on naïve travellers. Scams are perpetrated against Maltese citizens on a regular basis, and fraudsters employ a variety of methods. As a result, they might provide prospects for commerce, affection, companionship, or a job. It’s simple for them to get what they want from innocent individuals through various persuasion techniques.

Kidnapping Risk in Malta: Low

Kidnappings are not a major problem in Malta, so if you’re thinking, “Is Malta safe to visit in terms of kidnappings?” you should be relieved to learn that it is. Not just that, but from 2008 to 2014, Malta had an average of 0 kidnappings per 100,000 inhabitants. At the same time, you can’t rule out the prospect entirely since you never know what others are thinking or planning. Nonetheless, caution should be maintained.

Terrorism Risk in Malta: Low

Terrorism will not be a major concern if you visit Malta because the country has no recent history of terrorism. In this regard, everything has been really tranquil. However, such strikes might occur anywhere, from crowded locations to renowned tourist destinations. Attacks might be random, posing a threat to Maltese citizens as well as visitors to the country.

Risks for Women Travelers in Malta: Medium

Female travellers may frequently question, “Is Malta safe for single female travelers?” particularly if you are on your own. And besides, you’re more vulnerable in a strange country since you have no idea what to do. Whilst the environment is not very hazardous, there are still certain things to be aware of in order to prevent being a sufferer.

Rape Risk in Malta: Medium

Rape is among the most heinous crimes that can occur, and none of us wants anyone to go through it. Unfortunately, things like sexual assault or attacks may happen, and while the danger isn’t large, it’d be better if it didn’t exist at all. You can’t shut yourself in your room indefinitely, but basic safety steps may help you stay safe.

Risks for Children in Malta: Low

Malta can be quite child-friendly, and your children will undoubtedly love their stay here, given the variety of activities they can see and do. The white sand beaches may be ideal for them, as they may exercise their independence while laughing hysterically. Overall, the nation is very secure for them, but they must be vigilant.

Natural Disaster Risks in Malta: Medium

One of the first things that come to mind when considering “Is Malta safe to visit in case of environmental disasters?” is earthquakes. If you do decide to visit, tropical thunderstorms, which are a serious concern, are something to be aware of. They may result in heavy rains and flooding, so keep an eye on the local news to see whether you’re in danger.

Transportation Risks in Malta: Medium

In 2016, there were 22 traffic fatalities in Malta, equating to around 5.1 road deaths per 100,000 people. Although the driving conditions are not particularly hazardous, you should use caution because certain roads are poorly maintained and may cause accidents. Furthermore, because regular driving standards are inadequate, you should constantly be cautious on the road and adhere to the regulations in the event of an accident.

Night-clubs risks in Malta: Medium

Clubs may be entertaining, however, that doesn’t mean they’re completely safe, and you risk being targeted by individuals who are just interested in themselves. As a visitor, you may be an easy target since you are unfamiliar with the typical course of events in Malta.

Health Risks in Malta: Low

Malta is not particularly harmful in terms of health, however, depending on the place or the present condition, you may contract several ailments. You’re putting yourself in danger for diseases like yellow fever and rabies, although with the correct immunizations, the threat is considerably reduced.

Things and places to avoid in Malta

Visiting Paceville

The crime rate in Paceville makes it popularly known as the “Crime Capital of Malta,” and is five times higher than the general population. This covers not just trafficking and narcotic offences, but also robberies and gang violence. There doesn’t seem to be a week that goes by without a local newspaper reporting on an event in Paceville when someone was severely assaulted or worse, drugged.

Hiring White Taxis

Malta has a plethora of competent and trustworthy taxi firms, including Yellow Cabs and eCabs besides zero-emission Greenr Cabs, all of which provide the same or lower pricing as the white taxis, as well as, 9 times out of 10, considerably superior service. If you absolutely must take a white cab, pre-pay at an authorized taxi kiosk, which can now be found in several prominent sites and the airport. If you don’t, you’ll be susceptible to substantial overbilling and maybe physical or verbal attacks if you don’t comply.

Trip to St. Julian’s Beaches

Muggings and pickpocketing are more common in certain regions because of the larger population of visitors. However, don’t believe that Malta’s beautiful beaches are suddenly infested with crooks. You’ll be alright as long as you follow the usual precautions and don’t leave your belongings on the beach while heading into the sea with your entire group!

Visiting Albert Town

Is Malta safe or not can be comprehended after visiting Albert Town which claims to be home to the majority of the area’s prostitute operations. While prostitution does not make a location hazardous on its own, the throng that normally surrounds it does. Albert Town is also a significant drug trafficking hotspot, which makes the chances of discovering an “innocent party” much lower.

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