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10 Roof Top Restaurants in Kolkata Serving Amazing Food with Perfect Ambience

Roof Top Restaurants in Kolkata Serving Amazing Food with Perfect Ambience

Who does not like creating an amazing impact on their partner on their first date by going to a restaurant having a romantic vibe? Ones who do not choose the right venue often end up having a messy date. Don’t’ worry Kolkata people as we got you covered here. The charming rooftop restaurants mentioned below will not only provide you with a perfect romantic vibe but also prove great for a group hangout. Read below to find some of the best rooftop restaurants in Kolkata that serves amazing food with the perfect ambience.

The Orient

One of the City Centre gems is called The Orient on the opposite location of Afraa. This rooftop restaurant in Kolkata is an architectural marvel with interesting décor and an Oriental food menu. Although many of the Kolkata top restaurants serve great Chinese food, food served in the Orient is influenced by Indian taste and Hakka at the same time making it Pan Asian and Oriental combination. The open seating arrangement on the terrace is like icing on the cake. Open-air, lush greenery and calm atmosphere in Salt Lake City will surely make you visit this restaurant more often.

Blue and Beyond

In the New Market area, Blue and Beyond is one rooftop restaurant that provides stellar food options amidst beautiful views. The place has a great crowd and filed with soothing ambience while looking over the chaotic city marketplace. You can spot Blue and Beyond restaurant in a tall building that houses another hotel named The Lindsay Hotel. While sitting on the rooftop, you get amazing views including a view of the Victoria Memorial and the monument. Food served in the restaurant includes North Western Frontier, Indian, Mediterranean and Continental cuisines. Do not miss trying kebabs and sizzlers here which are two of the specialities served by the restaurant.

Smoke Shack

Smoke Shack is another popular rooftop restaurant in Kolkata that is located in Ballygunge’s Radisson. This stylish rooftop restaurant is a cocktail lounge offering an infinity pool and many international dishes. The restaurant design is inspired by Goan architecture while neon-lit bars and comfortable lounges enhance the restaurant ambience completely. You can try barbeques or smoke shack quality tandoor in the restaurant during winter. Needless to say, the rooftop restaurant provides enchanting views of the city skyline with live music and DJ nights set up on a dedicated dance floor.


On the 20th floor of Acropolis Mall, Ozora is one of the best rooftop restaurants in Kolkata tucked away from the city hustle and bustle. The restaurant has a Skydeck terrace, spacious interiors and a wide variety of food range. You can also gather your colleagues in the plush boardroom of the restaurant or get comfortable with your family in the cosy private dining space. The restaurant also has a special banquet area for birthday parties and small functions along with a cool poolside seating arrangement. From delicious food to heady cocktails, Ozora has all that people expect from a trendy restaurant.

Afraa Restaurant and Lounge

Placed right in front of The Orient, Afraa is another rooftop restaurant in Kolkata which act as an iconic nightlife hotspot in the city. The restaurant and lounge area are located on the mall’s terrace which is quite small but enchanting. The interiors are kept minimalistic with glass walls overlooking the Skydeck and the rest of the city from above. On Friday and Saturdays, Afraa becomes livelier due to DJ spinning the latest tracks and Shisha serving mouth-watering food till late hours in the night.


Although north Kolkata has fewer options from where you can choose rooftop restaurants, @49 is an exception you must visit. This small Indo-Chinese restaurant has been placed on the terrace top offering a cool ambience and a perfect rooftop restaurant experience. The interiors of the restaurant are like old North Kolkata refurbishment while the dim light adds to its charm.

Level Seven

On the 7th floor in a Wizard House is one of the rooftop restaurants in Kolkata that is a double-decker lounge and a gastropub. The restaurant furniture is inspired by the Game of Thrones series and provides guests with unparallel views of the city skyline. The restaurant has been divided into two levels including a fine dining area where you can enjoy mouth-licking food and a rooftop deck where some of the exotic cocktails are served under the open sky. Whether you opt for a romantic date or a chillout night with friends, Level Seven is the perfect hotspot to make you enjoy different levels of the restaurant.

What’s Up

In the busy street of Southern Avenue, What’s Up is another rooftop restaurant in Kolkata that has gorgeously designed furniture and a great pub. They have a miniature foot jacuzzi spa placed in its seating area where you can dip your feet in warm water. The jacuzzi massages feet gently while you can have a sip of beer under the open sky. The food offered is amazing which makes this restaurant pretty filled up especially during weekends, so book yourself in advance to avoid standing in queues. However, one drawback which you may face is climbing up the stairs to reach the rooftop through the stairs.


Alfresco is a rooftop restaurant in Kolkata and a part of The Lalit Great Eastern, formerly known as Kolkata’s Great Eastern Hotel. The rooftop restaurant is placed under a lattice ceiling that gives the restaurant an inside-out feeling. This indeed makes the restaurant recognised distinctively along with high-end furniture and fine dining area. The food served here is amazing as The Lalit Great eastern is a four-star hotel. Besides, you will get a luxurious ambience all around Alfresco situated in the Dalhousie area, Esplanade Kolkata. The Sunday brunch is also served in the rooftop restaurant along with a varied range of drinks in the bar.

The Wise Owl Steakhouse

Yet another famous rooftop restaurant in Kolkata is The Wise Owl Steakhouse in Hindustan Park, Kolkata. The restaurant is located in one of the busiest streets of the city and the heart of Kolkata at the Chowringhee. A café is also made below the restaurant but the steakhouse is located on the terrace of the building. You can have a great brunch in the restaurant while enjoying the view of the city from the rooftop. The rooftop gives a spectacular experience particularly during winters and autumn seasons when the weather is comparatively soothing. Some of the best delicacies served in the restaurant include Continental and Indian besides cold mocktails and shakes in the summer season. Unfortunately, you will not find any alcohol in the restaurant but will surely love their iced tea or a cup of coffee served with desserts.

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