10 Gifts To Buy in Prague That Are Perfect Souvenirs!

Gifts To Buy in Prague That Are Perfect Souvenirs

What gifts to buy in Prague will depend on your aesthetic and who you are shopping for. If you love crystals and porcelain – they have it. If you love beer and liqueur – then they have that too. 

Gifts To Buy in Prague: Wafers, Bohemian Crystals, Marionettes, and More! 

Welcoming millions of tourists every year, the Czech Republic, the capital and largest city of Prague, broke away from communism. Luckily shopping was back on and products such as crystal and porcelain with traditional craftsmanship still continue. Food products and beverages specific to the country are also wonderful souvenirs. 

With its historical buildings, neighborhoods with its original texture, narrow streets, cheap beer, and lively nightlife, the city offers tourists a rich choice of places to see and activities to do. You’ll most definitely have fun while you look around for items, gifts, and trinkets that you can bring back from your trip to this magical city of Europe with your suitcase.

Top 10 Best Gifts To Buy In Prague

1. Marionette

The most popular souvenirs you can buy in Prague are the puppets called the Marionette. 

Puppetry and puppet making is a tradition in Prague dating back to the Middle Ages. That’s why you see puppets all over the city. 

The puppets known as Marionette can be replicas of famous figures such as Popeye, Charlie Chaplin, or they can be unnamed fairy tale heroes such as angels, devils, princesses. Moreover, you can find different puppets in almost every price segment starting from 50 Koruna.

Just keep in mind when buying puppets, 

The people of Prague have a saying “You can’t choose the puppet, it chooses you”. Thus while buying these puppets, see which one talks to your heart.  There are dozens of Marionette vendors in Prague’s tourist area. 

2. Bohemian Crystals or Glass 

​​Traditional Bohemian crystals that are hand cut and processed are not only found in Prague, they are produced in small workshops spread throughout the Czech Republic. 

FUN FACT:  The crystal craftsmanship dating back to the 1200s has made the country famous as the highest quality crystals in Europe in the past centuries. So, never come back empty-handed from Prague, where all kinds of crystal products are produced and sold, including colored, plain and embossed.

In fact, you can find crystal products in stores all over Prague, but the two most ambitious brands of the city are Moser and Rückl. For high-quality, extraordinary gifts to buy in Prague, consider increasing your budget a little and go to one of these two shops. 

Created by Ludwig Moser in 1857, Moser uses excellent techniques and his collection is extremely luxurious. You can even make a touristic visit to Moser’s factory if you have time.

Rückl is another crystal brand from Prague that dates back to the 18th century. Even if you don’t buy Rückl products, which have a rich collection, check out some of their simple models and extremely difficult and complex models.

If you don’t have time to visit the factory or look around for other brands, Moser and Rückl have two stores in Prague just for shopping. One at Na Prikope 12, Nove Mesto, Prague, and the other at Male Namesti 11, Stare Mesto, Prague.

3. Garnet Stone or Crystals 

The red-colored semi-precious stone has been very important in Bohemia for many years. In addition to being believed to have pain-relieving effects, these crystals are also used for depression and helping mental health. 

Considered a royal jewel in history, you’ll find jewelry and accessories made using garnet stone almost everywhere in Prague.

If you decide to buy accessories or jewelry with garnet stone, considering what to buy in Prague, the only thing you need to pay attention to is whether it is the original stone, for which you should ask for a certificate.

4. Czech Wafers (Spa Wafers)

Easy to pack and easy to share, these Spa Wafers are one of the best gifts to buy in Prague! You can find travel-proof packaged Spa Wafers at almost any counter. Their prices vary between 40-60 Koruna.

Two towns called Karlovy Vary and Mariánské lázně in the Czech Republic are the original hometown of these wafers. But of course, there are also plenty in Prague.

The production of wafers with cocoa, almond, and vanilla flavors dates back to 1856 and has grown in popularity ever since. Although it is possible to find this thin and delicious traditional halvah (wafers) all over Prague, Havelska Market is an ideal address.

5. Czech Porcelain

CRAZY FACT: Porcelain is considered one of the newest among all Czech handicrafts. 

However, its history dates back to the 1700s. In fact, Czech porcelain, which applies Classical Asian style patterns with a modern European aesthetic understanding, is a stylish and permanent choice for those who think about what to buy in Prague for these reasons. 

Moreover, the variety is very high in terms of both quality and price. If you want, you can buy Czech porcelain for collection, or you can go for something useful like kitchen products, but then there are also decor items. Prices increase starting from 200 Koruna.

More Bohemia (Narodni, 43, Prague) and Original Bohemia (Perlova, 10, Prague) are two places to get Czech porcelain products. 

6. Mucha Posters

Copies of the colorful works of Prague’s famous Art Nouveau painter, Alfons Mucha, appear all over the city in different forms.

No other gift or souvenir could be more Prague-specific. The beautiful women posters movement, which started in 1984 when the famous painter voluntarily made the poster of a play in which actress Sarah Bernhardt played the leading role, is one of the works of the artist that you will see the most.

7. Czech Beer

Czechs boast that Czech beer is the best in the world. The fact that the Czech Republic has the world’s highest rate of beer consumption also makes you want to try this famous drink! 

Head to a bar in Prague Pilsner Urquell or Krušovice, you will understand why. However, if you’ve tasted Czech beer in other countries before and didn’t like it, give it another try. Why? Well, export products contain too many preservatives, they do not taste like Czech beer. 

Therefore, while you are thinking about what to buy in Prague, you can buy a beer from its source, if you drink alcohol.

FUN FACT: Beers are graded according to their alcohol content. 10-11 degrees is the lightest and is in the setting that almost everyone can consume with pleasure. While the 12 degree body is a flavor that those who are used to a little more beer will love, if you are very confident, you should buy the 13 degree ones.

Pilsner Urquell  is one of the best beer brands in the country. Gambrinus is also a by-product of the same brand. You can also go for Bernard, Krušovice, Budvar Staropramen, and Lobkowicz.

8. Becherovka Liqueur 

If you like or know someone who likes slightly bitter, plant-based alcoholic beverages, Becherovka Liqueur is an ideal gift to buy in Prague. 

In fact, this liqueur, which is a specialty of the city of Karlovy Vary, is also known for not containing any chemical additives.

Becherovka Liqueur, which is consumed as a shot in small glasses due to its high alcohol content, also helps digestion.

You can consume it as a shot as an aperitif, or it is suitable for mixing with other drinks and making cocktails. You can find Becherovka Liqueur in almost all supermarkets or alcohol shops, as well as at the airport.

9. Kafka’s Products 

The famous writer Kafka, who was born in Prague is one of the values ​​unique to Prague.

He spent a significant part of his life in this city and even wrote his most important work, Metamorforz here. Therefore, when you go to Prague, of course, you want to visit the Kafka Museum.

You should not forget Kafka when buying a gift or souvenir will be among the so-called “unique” selections specific to Prague.

His books, calendars with Kafka lyrics, postcards, or objects are inspiring.

10. Wooden Toys

One of the traditional handicrafts of the Czech Republic is wood. Therefore, eco-friendly wooden toys are some of the most diverse gifts to buy in Prague with multiple options for every budget. Tradiční Ceské is a store located in the historical city center of Hračky, offering thousands of options whether for children or adults such as swords and shields. (Address: Havelská 11, Prague). 

Kids can play with them as toys and adults can also take it home to remind them of Prague can be the answer to the question of what to buy in Prague.

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