10 Best Jobs for People Who Love to Travel

Best Jobs for People Who Love to Travel

Are you looking for a job that comes with good pay, work-life balance and yet gives you an opportunity to travel around the world? Well, many jobs allow their employees to travel around the world and pay them good too. So, if you believe travelling is an expensive passion, you need to rethink. Though, you may have to develop a certain skill set for travel-related jobs and the ones who already have them, just apply to satiate your wanderlust.

Tour Guide

Think about roaming around the streets of New York or going on a safari through the jungle while sharing your travel knowledge with others. When you become a tour guide, you travel around the world, sharing your experience, knowledge about the place and making friends with other travellers as well. Although you will have to manage a larger group of people at some places and acquire knowledge about the places where you will be the guide, this job is worth applying, especially if you are a travel freak. Once you become a pro, you can collaborate with big travel companies and combine your work skills with other opportunities as well.

Flight Attendant

One of the best jobs for people who love to travel and has a hospitable nature is being a flight attendant. Although different airline companies require flight attendants with different skills, you must be able to reach the overhead bins or stand for a long haul for sure. Through online flight attendant courses, you can learn customer service skills and other job related skills. If you can speak a foreign language and get a knowledge of CPR, it will be like icing on the cake. Just search for any vacancies online on airlines websites and pick the one that offers you the best salary while you travel around the world.

Cruise Ship Worker

The cruise ship industry is the best job for you if you want to travel the world in a fun way. You get paid for interacting with people onboard. Many cruise ship workers are hired just to find out if all the guests are having fun or facing any kind of issue on the ship. You may take a position as a manager, cashier, technician, waiter, or just a stage performer as per your skills and expertise. However, you need to note one thing, employees working on ships have to work for long hours and stay away from home for days and sometimes even months.

International Aid Worker

If you love to travel and still want to make a positive difference, consider being an aid worker or volunteer at an international organization like USAID or WHO. In this way, you will travel across the world to countries where the organization seeks its employee to go and assist people in need. Many organizations offer not only a good salary, and travel expenses, but also loans, housing, and post-retirement benefits. In addition, if you have a background in civil services, healthcare, and international relations, you may be able to obtain a good position in international organizations. However, you may be asked to get vaccinated or immunized before you travel to certain places on earth.

Travel Agent

Travel agents and agencies constitute a significant part of the tourism industry as it is the first place most vacationers visit before travelling. As a result, the travel agent job opening remains apparent and you can also apply for one easily. With several travel companies available, although it must be a little difficult to choose from, you must go for reputed ones as this will help you build a strong resume. Being a travel agent, you can get ample opportunities to travel around the world while being paid for travelling. In fact, you can open your own travel agency if you are a good communicator and can meet client’s requirements such as hotel bookings, trips management, flight tickets, etc.

Ski Instructor

Only when you enjoy the hills and winter sports, becoming a ski instructor is a fantastic way to combine your sense of adventure with your desire to travel. If the winter is soft there is just not enough snow at the traditional resorts, there are even indoor ski hotels where you can teach. You can train a variety of ski styles, including freestyle skiing, park, downhill skis, and alpine skiing. Most resorts require some degree of authorization, and there are various levels of diploma that allow you to teach everyone from beginners to advanced backcountry hills and mountains. It’s better to get certified and obtain accreditations in the country where you want to teach before applying.

Foreign Service Officer

One of the best jobs for people who love to travel is a foreign service officer’s job role. Like international diplomats, this job role involves travelling around the globe to handle complex issues like refugee flow, immigration, and disaster relief while representing the interests of the country. Many employees are asked to communicate with other country governments directly and are asked to travel to new places every few years. However, to get this job, you will have to pass the required tests and select an appropriate career path with the department. Whenever fresh positions are available in the department, applicants usually get notified. 


Archeology just not necessarily means digging the earth and finding treasures all the time. Rather it is one of the most preferred job roles for wanderers and history aficionados. For being a good archeologist and getting associated with a reputed company, you will have to be meticulous, and detail-oriented person so that you can explore for a few months on archeological sites until you find something as expected. Additionally, you must develop a niche before you start exploring hooks and corners across the globe.

Scuba Diving Instructor

If you seek to travel and love swimming as well, look no further than applying for the role of a scuba diving instructor. You can apply for a part-time job too since many beach destinations allow scuba diving during a certain time of the year only. In scuba diving, you not only get to see animals in different parts of the world but also meet new people in the form of students who want to learn scuba diving from you. However, becoming a scuba diver is not cheap and may take several months before you become a certified instructor. So, choose accordingly.

Travel blogger or Photographer

One of the trendiest travel jobs for having a wanderlust career is becoming a travel blogger or a photographer. Unlike other job roles listed in the above list, this is by far the easiest way to earn a good amount of money only if you know how to pen your travel experiences or capture the magical moments in your cameras. Many enthusiastic readers love reading the experiences shared by travel bloggers or sharing pictures photographed by them. You can even work as an employee in reputed travel companies as a writer or photographer and choose destinations which you would like to explore. Having such a career opportunity is like a reward for those who love to travel. But, they also have to stay away from home for months on the other side.

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